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2317 Markoe Ave | Wentzville, MO 63385
+1 (636) 332-0849
FAA Part 107 Licensed and Insured sUAS Pilot


Q: How far do you travel?

A: We will travel as far as the job requires. We do charge a travel fee for over 30 miles past zip code 63385. For more details, please email or fill out our Contact Form.


Q: Can you shoot at night?

A: We do not offer night time flights. We do have options for low light areas.


Q: How much time is included?

A: Time is configured by the package you purchase. Extra time is calculated for setup and takedown. If you require extra time, we can work with you on time needed.


Q: Do I get printed copies?

A: We do not offer printer copies. You may print copies yourself from your supplied HD digital images.


Q: Can you fly over people?

A: We do not fly directly over people. If your event requires this type of photography or video, we will make all of the necessary safety assessments before the flight.


Q: Can you fly in cold temperatures or inclement weather?

A: Extremely cold temperature effect flight performance and safety. If your event requires this type of flight, we will make the necessary safety needs to capture the footage. We will not fly in high winds, rain or snow.


Q: Are you insured?

A: Black Eagle Aerialist fully insured for your event. We will supply you with an insurance disclaimer upon request.


Q: Are all of your operators licensed and certified by the FAA?

A: All of our operators are certified by the FAA for Part 107 sUAS Certification. Credentials available upon request.


Q: What kind of  quality can I expect from images and videos?

A: In digital camera terminology, high definition photo is a shooting mode found on some digital cameras that produces a 1920×1080 pixel high-definition (HD) quality photo that will perfectly fit a wide-screen HDTV (16:9) for full-screen viewing.

Ultra HD. 4K UHD (2160p) has a resolution of 3840 pixels × 2160 lines (8.3 megapixels, aspect ratio 16:9) and is one of the two resolutions of ultra high definition television targeted towards consumer television, the other being 8K UHD which is 7680 pixels × 4320 lines (33.2 megapixels).


Q: How long of flight time can you offer?

A: We can offer as much time as your event requires. If you are wanting over 24 hours of service, please contact us directly for pricing.